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Any Questions ?

What is the maximum Character count on German License Plates?

While regular European License Plates have a maximum of 9 characters, I am able to print up to 15 letters or numbers using a smaller font on all Custom Euro Plates.

How much is a Custom European License Plate?

All my Custom German License Plates are $45 or less no matter what color or how many letters. Mounting Frames and Screws are optional.

How fast do you ship my Euro Plate?

Most orders ship by USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground daily. You may upgrade to UPS 2 Days. Shipping Fees are calculated at checkout based on your ZIP Code.

Please note my daily cutoff time is 3PM Eastern Time. Orders received after that time will ship the next business day.

What is the quality of your Custom German Plates like?

I use the same premium aluminum license plate blanks as a license plate shop in Germany. Each German Plate is pressed and the color is hot stamped for durability.

In Fact my Custom European License Plates are of the same Premium Quality as those sold on customeuropeanplates.com  or germanplates.com

Be aware of other websites selling cheaper plastic lookalike euro plates without raised letters. While these may look great they are not made or used in Germany.

What size are German Plates?

All European License Plates are standardized 21 x 4.5 inches or 520 x 110 mm.

Will your Custom Euro Plates fit my vehicle?

All you need is two holes in your front bumper to safely attach one of our mounting frames with screws. Buying an optional frame saves you from drilling holes into the Custom Euro Plate. If your car does not have holes in the front bumper please get help from a local dealership.

What does the D stand for on a German license plate?

The D is the Country Code for Deutschland / Germany. The code D is embedded in the blue side bar underneath the circled yellow stars representing the European Union Flag.

Other European Countries have their respective letter shown, A for Austria, F for France, NL for the Netherlands etc.

True German Plates: I Use the Same Plates They Use in Germany and Follow All German Standards for Quality. Customize Your European License Plate Now!

What does a German plate look like?

Standard Euro License Plates have black letters on white reflective background using a forgery-impeding typeface. Its letters and numbers are disproportionate to avoid simple modification. The german plate number is printed next to the blue band including the 12 euro stars and the country code D underneath.

Custom European Plates: Euro Style License Plates Hot Stamped on High-Grade Premium Aluminum and German Machinery. It doesn't get more authentic than this!

How do you read German plates?

The first one to three letters represents the city or county the vehicle is registered in, followed by the inspection and registrations stickers and finally the serial number containing 1-2 letters and 1-4 numbers. A german plate from Berlin would read B-XY 1234.

More in-depth information about the History of German Plates and German License Plate Codes can be found here in this fantastic article on Wikipedia

Custom German Plates: Authentic German and European License Plates Professionally Made to Order the German Way by an Expert with 20+ Years of Experience